4 Qualities of Good Investment Advisors

Written by: Mike Valles

Investment advisors can be found just about anywhere. Unfortunately, this does not at all mean that they are good ones or that your money is safe with them. Since the goal of making investments is generally to make the most profit possible on your investment money, you need to know what to look for when choosing personal or business investment advisors.

One indication that the advisor you are talking to is not the one you need is that he or she starts pushing the products that they will get commissions from. BankRate.com says that if as soon as they meet you they start trying to sell something, you want to stay away from them.

Needs to Be Well Qualified

Since your money and its future are so important to you, you want to choose someone who knows what they are doing. This means most likely that they will have a number of certifications and licenses in the area that they most commonly deal with in finances. You also want to select someone who has been a financial advisor for a number of years and has a good record.

Give Advice on Asset Allocation

At any age, you need to have different allocation of your assets. Good investment advisors will help you to understand the best way to allocate your assets based on your needs and your risk level, says PortfolioAdvisor.com. This advice should largely be in the form of specific classes of investments. Also, once the risk level is understood, a good advisor will give advice that helps you stay within your risk level.

Look at the Overall Data on Each One

As you select a few possible investment advisors to add to your list to choose from, you want to look at the data concerning each one. Be sure to compare their education, experience, certifications, associations that they belong to, compliance record, methods of compensation, services offered, expenses, etc. says Forbes.com.

Forbes also notes that you can do a little investigative work about the company or advisor on your own. Simply Google the name and this will enable you to find third-party reviews, complaints, etc. about the company. Naturally, when investment advisors do good work, there will be some good reviews and comments somewhere online. You might also try to get some references, too.

Be Able to Teach

A good financial advisor should be willing to teach you new things about how to invest your money and principles behind wise investing, says PetethePlanner.com. This means that he or she needs to be friendly enough, and willing enough to take some time with you and not only answer your questions, but also volunteer helpful information. They should genuinely be willing to inform you to make you a better and wiser investor.

As you can see from the above points, you do not want to trust your money to someone you know nothing about. With some investigative work, you can find a company or individual that will give you personal attention and be glad to work with you and your investment goals.


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4 Qualities of Good Investment Advisors

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