4 Signs That You Need a New Real Estate Agent

Written by: Mike Valles

There certainly is a lot of truth to the statement that two people are not alike. This may be even truer when it comes to real estate agents. Ideally, you want to know in advance whether you are getting a good one or not. Getting one that is less than desirable will likely mean that you are not going to get the deal or service you want. Here are four signs that indicate that you need to choose another one.

The Real Estate Agent Is Part-Time

In order to provide the service and information you need from a good real estate agent, you want to find one that is full-time, says RealEstate.MSN.com. This enables the agent to be able to do research into the market and to show you the kind of houses you are looking for, as well as ones that are within your price range.

The Agent Asks You What Is Important to You

In order for a real estate agent to be most beneficial to you, he or she will need to understand what you are looking for. If basic questions such as What size home do you want to look at?, or, Are you prequalified or pre-approved? or, What price range are you interested in? do not enter the conversation quickly, it’s time to move on and find a real estate agent who really wants to help you – and earn their money.

The Agent Should Respond to Calls or Emails Quickly

If you find that you are having a hard time getting your agent to return calls or emails, it is time to find another agent. Since it is the agent’s business to help clients, and since this is how they make their money, being too busy indicates that they do not have time for you, says MainStreet.com. While they may be busy with other clients, their preference for other clients reveals what they think of you.

The Real Estate Agent Is Not a Leader

If you are selling a home, you do not want an agent to agree with you about everything. If you see this, says Forbes.com, you can be sure that they are not looking out for your best interests. If pricing a home, and they list it at that price without any discussion, you should ask to see their research on why they think it is worth that price.

A good agent will possibly recommend a different price and be able to show you why. They also should know what similar houses are selling for in your neighborhood, as well as being able to give you some financial or bargaining tips.

When you decide to find a real estate agent that will care about your interests, you want to find out whether or not they are also involved with clients you might be dealing with. You also want to check out that agent’s reputation, and see if they have a lot of people listing under them. If so, this means that they are well-known for moving houses, and that there are most likely a lot of satisfied customers – but get some testimonials anyway.


4 Signs That You Need a New Real Estate Agent

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