Get Deals on Appliances With a Sears Credit Card

Written by: Valencia Higuera

Whether you’re purchasing a new house or updating your existing home, buying new appliances might be at the top of your to-do list. This can include a new refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, air conditioning or washer/dryer set. But if you have never purchased appliances, you might experience “sticker shock” as you browse the appliance section of your local retail store.

Sears is a top retailer of appliances and they carry a wide selection of popular brands under one roof. This retailer offers a variety of payment plans to accommodate buyers, and if you don’t have cash, you can purchase your appliances with a credit card. But don’t pull out any credit card. Apply for a Sears credit card and receive the best deal on appliances.

You can use any major credit card at Sears, including American Express, Discover and a bank Visa or MasterCard. But if you’re looking for the most savings and rewards, you need a Sears credit card. A Sears credit card account opens the door to exclusive offers and rewards. You can receive special financing offers, as well as points on every dollar you spend in the store. For example, if you spend $499 or more on home appliances with your Sears card, you can receive an extra 15% off, plus 18 months of 0% interest. You can’t get this type of deal with another credit card. Special financing offers rotate on a monthly basis. In addition to home appliances, you can also save in other categories, such as furniture, automotive, apparel and electronics.

But the Sears credit card isn’t only a top choice because of special financing deals. Use this credit card for all your home appliance needs and you can receive points redeemable for merchandise and gift cards. Earn 2% in points on any purchase everyday.

There are two options when applying for a Sears credit card account. You can apply for a Sears card or a Sears MasterCard. Both credit cards feature similar benefits, such as

exclusive savings and coupons for cardholders, access to your personal credit score,

special financing offers and $0 liability on fraudulent purchases. You can use your Sears card at Sears,, as well as Kmart, and Lands End. But if you apply for the Sears MasterCard, you can use your credit card at these retailers, plus wherever MasterCard is accepted.

Sears is a leading retailer of appliances. Between special financing and exclusive discounts and savings available to cardholders, you can purchase all your appliances from Sears and spend a fraction of the cost. Even if you’re not a big credit card user and prefer buying your appliances with cash, there is no denying the savings. And with 0% interest, you can avoid interest charges as long as you pay off your balance in full within the first 18 months.

Research other appliance retailers for better offers. You’ll find that no other company can top this amazing deal.


Get Deals on Appliances With a Sears Credit Card

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