Healthy Lifestyle – Hobbies Can Help You Live Longer

Nobody wants to die early.  In fact, the fear of death is at the top of many people’s “Most Feared” list.  Basically it boils down to a fear of the unknown; they are not sure what happens after they die, and they are intimidated by that.  So in an effort to avoid death they will spend thousands of dollars on ways to live longer: eating properly, dieting, exercising, therapy, and other medical treatments.  However, there is another way to live longer and save some money while you are at it.  The solution is really quite simple.  Find a hobby that you love.

A few years ago the Mayo clinic did a study on how hobbies affect memory loss.  The study found that those who engaged in hobbies were significantly less likely to develop memory loss later in life.  What they also found, which is not surprising at all, was that watching TV would have the opposite effect.  They found that those who watch fewer than 7 hours of TV per day were less likely to develop memory loss. Honestly though, who watches more than 7 hours per day?

Instead of watching television, hobbies can help you in many ways with achieving a healthy lifestyle, and not just by preventing memory loss.

–          Most hobbies involve some sort of physical dexterity.  The movement, as long as it does not reach the strenuous stage, can help to prevent the effects of arthritis.

–          Hobbies are designed to be relaxing.  They are something a person finds fun and enjoyable.  As such, partaking in a hobby will help to calm a person, lowering their blood pressure and helping relieve the symptoms or stress and depression.

–          Many hobbies require physical activity, and all require mental activity.  These activities, even if they are small, do not go unrewarded.  Every minute spent doing a hobby is helping to burn calories and keep the body healthy and in shape.

Hobbies can lead to a healthy lifestyle, and many depend on the activity being performed.  But aside from making you healthier, hobbies can make you more financial fit.

It is true that some hobbies are expensive.  But nearly every one of them can be monetized.  For instance, if you enjoy woodworking you know that it is very expensive to get your shop set up and to purchase all the proper tools.  However, once you have everything running, creating hand-crafted furniture and other items can lucrative.  The hobby will pay for itself.  You can turn just about every hobby into a side stream of income.  Get good enough and put enough effort into it and you could even turn it into your main stream of income.

Hobbies are fun, and every person has one.  Now I can’t tell you what yours are, but I can help you figure it out.  Take out a piece of paper and make a list of all the things you enjoy about life, no matter how big or how small.  Then consider each one and how you could turn it into a hobby.  Like to eat?  Consider cooking.  Like to watch movies?  Consider running a movie review blog.  Like nature?  Start guiding children, or becoming an amateur photographer.  The possibilities are endless.  The point is that if you want to create a healthy lifestyle, then you need to have an escape that keeps your mind and body active.  That escape, if done properly, can lead to a side stream of income that could eventually help fund your retirement.

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