Moving Fast To Sell a House Before The Holidays And Buyers Vanish

Written by: Scott Sery

During the spring, summer, and into the fall houses are the most likely to sell.  It is during this time that flowers can be planted, yards maintained, and the house has an overwhelming charm to it.  As winter approaches, buyers are less likely to brave the cold and go house hunting.  The market slows considerably, and if you have not sold your home by Thanksgiving, there is a good chance you will have to wait until spring before you can get it off the market.  If you do not have time to wait for the house to sell, it is time to take the steps to get your house sold before the holidays come and the buyers vanish.

To Sell a House – Stage It

Buyers want their future home to feel like a home.  Walking into an empty house does not provide them with that feeling.  The house should have adequate furniture, consistent décor, be the right temperature and smell good.  A good realtor will help you figure out these aspects, and give you pointers on what to do.  In case you are selling on your own, or your realtor is not good at staging your house, take a few minutes to learn how

The first step is to get rid of the clutter.  That means every day that your home could possibly be shown, it should look like it belongs in a magazine.  Everything should be in its place, nothing should be lying around.  If your couch is too big for the living room, or too small, rent or borrow one that fits.  If you have old posters on the walls, take them down and replace them with genuine artwork.  After you have de-cluttered and tastefully decorated: clean.  When you are done cleaning: clean again.  The house should always remain spotless in order to be appealing to buyers.  It doesn’t hurt to get a new air freshener to keep the house smelling attractive too.

To Sell a House – Adjust the Price

One reason your house may not be selling as quickly as you hoped is you are simply asking too much.  We all think our possessions are worth far more than they truly are.  Do some market research and determine what the actual value of your home is, or better yet, spend the $400 – $500 and have it appraised.  The right price will attract more buyers and you will get an offer sooner when the price is accurate to the house.

To Sell a House – Hold Open Houses

If you have not held an open house, now is the time to do so.  Traditionally open houses are held on Sundays, but you can have them whenever you like.  Remember to have your house staged properly, have literature on the house, the neighborhood, and anything else you feel relevant handy for those who are viewing your home.  This is a chance for people to come in and not feel pressured and not feel like they have to have their realtor present at that time.

Buyers do not want to deal with snow and cold weather when they are house hunting.  So once the weather drops too low, the people viewing your house will drop too.  Take a few steps now to stage your house properly, get it listed at the right price, and make it warm and welcome to everyone that wants to come in.  Once the holiday season hits, people are stressed and do not want to be bothered to house hunt, so set it up to move quickly, and you will have your house sold in no time.


Moving Fast To Sell a House Before The Holidays...

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