Options For Getting a Tax Form?

Written by: John Landers

Now that you have your W-2 forms and forms 1099, you ready to file your tax return. If you are among the 20% that still file by mail, you will need to understand the tax form required for your circumstances. Filers looking for basic source of information about the nuances of filing a tax return may want to download a copy of  Publication 17.

Filers must also determine where to obtain the form since the Internal Revenue Service and stopped mailing out tax forms and booklets beginning with returns for the 2010 tax year.

Local Library

A popular source for federal and state tax our public libraries. Is not limited to just the municipal library, but college  and sometimes high school libraries will carry  the different tax forms and schedules  you need to prepare your tax return. You can also find instruction booklets and some popular IRS Publications.

Post Office

Head to the local post office to get the income tax forms you need. You shouldn’t have to stand in line because most post office have the forms available on a table or stand. You can simply walk-in and find what you need.

Try to avoid going during busy periods, such as those because people will normally try to conduct their normal post office business on their lunch breaks. Make sure you grab both the tax form and instruction booklet because some places separate the items.

U.S. Mail

If cannot get out to the local library, you can request that the tax forms and instructions be mailed to your home. Go to the IRS website and fill the necessary form to receive your 1040A or whatever the forms you need to prepare your tax return. It takes 7 to 15 days to receive the forms in the mail.

Tax Office

If you can’t find the tax form you need from one of the above sources, go to the local tax office to  obtain your forms. You’ll probably have to take a number and wait in line. If you have questions about your return, take the opportunity to speak to an IRS representative.


If you have a home computer and printer or access to the hardware one, you can print any tax form, schedule or instruction you need. Download the tax form or open it online and enter the required information, print and mail


Taxpayers who have questions about  their tax form or other tax-related matters  should visit the IRS website at “1040 Central.”  This page has an abundance of information about how to get free tax help.

Taxpayers can get information or tools like the interactive tax assistant, instructions on how to request an online payment agreement if you can’t pay on time or qualify for the Earned Income Credit.


Options For Getting a Tax Form?

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