Philadelphia Mortgage Rates Survey – Week of March 19, 2012

Written by: BetterFinancePath Staff

According to a recent survey of Philadelphia mortgage rates offered by the largest area banks & credit unions, five Philadelphia institutions offered rates above 4.00% on 30-year fixed-rate conforming loans in the Philadelphia area for well-qualified borrowers. Wells Fargo ( and the Bank of America ( offered the lowest rates in the city with 4.00% while the Citibank ( offered the highest rates in the United States with 4.50%.

While most lenders will push one of the three products on the list below, there are other options for the borrower.  The 30-year fixed rate loan is the most popular since it offers the lowest monthly payment.  The trade-off is paying a higher interest rate.  For those who have a better cash flow, the 15-year product may be more suitable.  The 15-year fixed rate loan will allow the borrower to pay more toward principal with each payment, and since it has a lower interest rate the overall amount of money that is paid in interest will be much lower.  While many people steer clear of the 5/1 ARM it is beneficial to some borrowers.  For instance, a person with a smaller loan (usually due to refinancing) may have the cash flow to pay off their ARM in 5 years or less.  This person could save an extra 1% in interest payments over the 15-year product and never worry about the rate adjusting later in the life of the loan.

Top Philadelphia Area Banks and Credit Unions

As of

30 Yr-Rate

30 Yr- APR

15 Yr- Rate

15 Yr- APR

5/1 ARM-IR


Wells Fargo


4.00% 4.17% 3.38% 3.67% 2.25% 3.06%
Citizens Bank


4.38% 4.41% 3.50% 3.57% 2.88% 3.16%
Bank of America


4.00% 4.13% 3.25% 3.49% 2.88% 3.24%
Sovereign Bank


4.13% 4.29% 3.38% 3.66% NA NA


4.50% 4.64% 3.88% 4.11% NA NA


Listed rates from banks, thrifts, and credit unions were listed on their websites on the date indicated for conforming loans with 0 points.  Data is believed accurate at time of collection, can change without notice, and will vary based on an individual’s credit history.  Contact a specific institution for current rates.


Philadelphia Mortgage Rates Survey – Week of...

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