Smartphone Apps That Let You Accept Credit Cards

Written by: Valencia Higuera

The ability to accept credit cards can take your business to the next level and open the door to higher sales and additional customers. There are several ways to accept credit cards. You can obtain a credit card processing machine for your storefront location or process credit cards through PayPal. But if neither is an option, or if you run a mobile business, several apps let you accept credit cards on your smartphone.

Here is a list of four of the top smartphone apps to accept credit cards.

1. Square

This free app available on Android and Apple smartphones lets you swipe your customers credit cards or manually enter their credit card numbers. You do not need a merchant account to run Square, nor do you have to provide a written receipt. After completing a transaction, the app automatically sends a receipt to your customers emails. The app provides a host of useful features, such as the ability to track sales and sales tax. Although the app is free, there is a $0.15 charge each time you swipe or enter a customer’s credit card information, plus a 2.75% and a 3.5% charge per swipe and typed entry.

2. Swipe It

Download this app to your iPhone and you quickly process your customers credit card account information for payment. For faster processing, purchase the Swipe It reader, attach it to your smartphone and swipe your customers credit cards. This app offers a variety of features, such as the ability to obtain you customers signatures, as well as send electronic receipts. To use this app, you must establish a merchant account and pay a one-time $15 set up fee, plus a $20 monthly fee. Swipe It charges $0.15 per swipe or typed entry.

3. Intuit GoPayment

Not only is Intuit app free, but once you download this app, you are eligible for a free credit card reader. There is no monthly fee for Intuit and you only pay 2.7% per swipe. You can process all major credit cards – Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Once transactions are complete, your money is quickly deposited into your bank account or onto a prepaid Visa credit card. Plus, this app gives you the ability to email customer receipts, view your transaction history and reverse transactions. If you run a small business, you can add up to 50 employees to your account, which gives them the ability to process credit card information as well.

4. MerchantWareMobile

This smartphone app will let you accept credit cards using iPhone, Android phones, Blackberry phones, as well as Windows phones. You will need to establish a merchant account either with your bank or Merchant Warehouse. Connect to WiFi and you can process your clients credit card information from any location on the road and email their receipts. The app is free, and there are no set up fees or annual fees when you establish a merchant account with Merchant Warehouse.


Smartphone Apps That Let You Accept Credit Cards

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