Top Federal Websites with Obamacare Information

Written by: Mike Valles

There is a lot of material being written and posted online about the new Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare. Sorting it out and being able to get the straight scoop is very important, and here is a list of the top Federal Websites that provide good Obamacare information about it.

Some benefits of the new program are that pre-existing conditions for children under 19 can no longer be a cause for exclusion; coverage cannot be canceled because of honest mistakes, and you will also be able to ask that your current plan reconsider their denial of payment for a particular service. Another great feature is that there are now no lifetime limits on benefits.

The primary website for the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare information, is It provides a lot of information about the new health exchanges and how you can get the health insurance coverage you and your family needs. There is also a blog and a newsletter that you can sign up to receive through your email. You can also read the website in seven different languages. A webpage is available on the blog, that provides 10 steps on how to get ready for the new Health Insurance Marketplace. is the official website of the White House. As you might expect, it provides a lot of answers to common questions about the new Health Reform program. Myths and Facts about the new program are also answered, as well as providing up-to-date news about the healthcare program. A timeline is also available that reveals what is expected and what new features of Obamacare will start when. Pages of Obamacare information are available for specific groups in the Relief for You section of this website, such as Women and Families, Young Adults, Seniors, Employers, providers, and those with Disabilities.

Department of Health & Human Services (

The webpage of the Department of Health & Human Services provides an overview of the features of the new healthcare program. Sections such as Coverage, Costs, and Care are posted with links to various aspects of each topic. A page is also available listing the Key Features of the Affordable Care Act, and another one shows the recommended preventive health care services that you may be entitled to.

Department of Labor

The government website of the Department of Labor provides a lot of information for employers and employees. There is information about compliance, news about Obamacare, many FAQs, and detailed information about the more technical issues and how to implement and fulfill the requirements of the new healthcare program in the workplace. Changes, tips, and updates in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) are also posted on this website, and proposals are there, too.

The Original Affordable Care Act Document

If you should wish to see the Affordable Care Act document that was passed by Congress, you can see it on the website. This is the complete document, with Table of Contents.

Obamacare information is readily available on many government websites, as well as many that are not connected to the Government. Once the exchanges are open, specific questions can be asked of them directly.


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Top Federal Websites with Obamacare Information

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