Where to Retire?

Written by: Mike Valles

Dreams of retirement are also usually filled with that person thinking about the ideal place to enjoy the rest of his or her life. This often has people nearing their senior years looking into places to retire and checking on their beauty or nearby facilities to be sure that it will meet their expectations. Choosing where to retire can lead to some surprising places as being possibly the ideal choice.

For many people who may not have the luxury to live anywhere, it is essential to also consider places that will enable them to live comfortably on a smaller budget. Plans will have to be made according to the income expected after retirement.

While one’s dreams may include quiet little communities and cottages, others may choose places where there is easy access to many different types of activities. CNBC reports that the best place listed in the AARP Magazine for retirement is Loveland, CO, which has been nicknamed “The Sweetheart City.” Living in this city of 60,000 is largely like living in a small town.

When choosing a place to live, you may want to look at the various states and see which ones have the lowest taxes. Kiplinger’s provides a look at each state and shows the best and worst states for retirees. You can also find information about nine states with no income tax, and five states with no sales tax. Another one will show you five states that have the lowest real estate taxes.

If you like sunny spots, then you might consider Yuma, Arizona. This city is called the sunniest in the US, and the sun shines most of the time – as much as 90 percent of it. At the same time, it is not surprising that the city also has the least humidity and rainy days, says USNews. Redding, California is similar, but not quite as hot or dry.

Being around the water is another favorite spot for many, and retiring near lots of water can offer a lot of activities. CNN considers Cape Coral, FL to be one of the top 25 best places for retirement. The average home price is currently around $95,000. There are more than 400 canals running through the city, and the Gulf of Mexico is only 20 minutes away (by boat).

Before you retire and decide where to live, you may want to consider what others are doing, too. Taking an interview, the Wall Street Journal shows that as many as 42 percent of those 50 or older were planning on moving when they retire. It also showed that they were looking for somewhere with a better cost of living, access to better health care, and they wanted excellent cultural and recreational facilities, too. Where did most of them want to go? – North and South Carolina, and Florida.

When thinking about where to retire, many people are taking advantage of the low cost of living and taxes that there is in some other countries. Property is still very cheap in some places, and getting a comfortably sized home is relatively easy. The lower cost of living enables your retirement dollars to go further, too.  Nonetheless, be prepared to see less of your friends and family unless you can convince them to move with you.


Where to Retire?

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