Free Real Estate Investment Lessons

Written by: David Wilkening

Anyone who has read about The Donald (Trump), who has had problems arising from his real estate classes in Florida may hardly be in a mood to take real estate investment lessons from so-called “masters of the game.” But despite all the bad and at times very-very bad real estate advice that never seems to bottom out, I read what others think. And suggest.

That brings me to the subject of how you can (perhaps as a newcomer) learn about real estate.

An ancient column I came on (three years old) suggested finding “the absolute best way to learn real estate investing.” It was supposed to be geared for newcomers.

He had some advice for dealing with motivated sellers, for example. The suggestion was that you might say the wrong thing but so what? Make the effort and learn from it.

One of his more startling suggestions was to teach others. Huh? Even if you are a newcomer? Sure.

“Not only does this further cement everything in your own mind, but it can also help someone else break through some barriers. It’s a universal law that you reap what you sow,” was the suggestion.

I hesitate to pass that one on since “reaping what you sow” may not be The Bible at its best. You can reap a lot of bad things just as much as good things.

This same commentator wrote an earlier post offering a “seven-day plan for aspiring real estate investors.” I realize the act of giving specific numbers seems to be what tutors tell real estate advisors (and just about everyone else) they have to do for credibility. But in realizing that, I am always dubious of anything more complicated than paint-by-the-numbers, which is absolutely and positively harmless (not to mention Biblical references as well).

Getting away from this advice, and from Donald Trump, I am much more inclined to listen to advice from motivational speaker Tony Robbins.

Not because I have ever gone to one of his get-rich in real estate offerings. But I used to go out with a woman who had attended one of his events. She went fire walking. Perhaps you have heard he uses this technique in an apparent sort of mind-over-matter.

My friend did fine with fire walking, but she never took the famous guru’s advice on real estate. She didn’t have to. She had already made a ton of money hosting and supervising others who sold Amway products.

However, I recently came across some of Robbins advice, and he does have some good suggestions for learning about real estate.

Robbins urges others to “concentrate our power,” whatever that means. I guess he is urging followers to concentrate on the issue: making money. Another way to put it I heard long ago: if you really want to make money, and dedicated your entire life to it, you will certainly make money.

He also says esoteric things like “Focus is power.” Which means you have to concentrate. Which is pretty much the advice you got in Kindergarten or day care long ago.

Major in major things, and not in minor things, he urges. “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” is the book on that subject. Not bad, but hardly profound.

Actually, the best advice he had was to find a mentor. I second that thought  –  if you can do it, that is. Not easy.

But my own advice about the best way to learn about real estate is simpler than anyone else: get out and give it a try. ###


Free Real Estate Investment Lessons

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